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Mauritania Tea.

May 22, 2011

Mauritanian tea!

Oh, much ink spilled on the importance of tea and its place among Mauritanian society. It is such a substance that none of us can live without! Congregations are made around it in nearly every home in Mauritania. However, people there do not realize its true value as Mauritanian expats do. Probably, because they drink dozens of it on a daily basis and they can find it wherever they go.

Nevertheless, what about the expatriates who live far from that warmly national environment? I think we are deprived from it, not because of a ban but due to the circumstances one lives. For example, sometimes you are on duty sometimes you are in transportation and when you get home you retire. As tea making takes more than one hour so we can enjoy our time around it, sometimes we don’t find enough time and place to pour it out.

As for people diet system, they eat at workplace something that put us through to the same habit. Turning to kitchen to find something to refresh your mind with, you are exposed to a range of selected coffee and lepton-tea bands, but none of these sounds to smell like our tea even if you add on it milk or extra-sugar. In some occasions when we are lucky enough to pour tea in usually one single day weekend, it seems like a kind of celebration. There we talk, and come across different topics starting from Mauritania politics to vacation. Mauritanians are oral people and they down all kind of stories once they gather around drinking tea.

So worm up and live with Mauritanian Tea wherever you are.

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