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New political party. What for?

May 22, 2011

A new political party has seen life these days in Mauritania. They call it AL Asser, “age”. This party is a new opportunity for youth to get involved in home issues and start building the country through a set of principals that square with their expectations and ambitions. The party is starting to gain more and more popularity among Mauritanians. However, many are skeptical about the objectives for which the party has been created. What can it add of value to people life? Do we really need to be more dynamic in politics instead of sticking at social problems and solving them?

I don’t know the mystery of that. And neither do i know about the debate. But i want to say,

Create as much as political parties as you want. Shape it or reshape it. Mold politics every now and then. But, that is not key solutions to the endless problems the country bulks up. It is much deeper and much complicated than what you think or you miss. Why don’t you be little more creative and reevaluated your philosophy when it comes to reform strategies, refine it and see if it timely relieve people life.

Legitimate inquiry: Why do we establish more and more political entities? Is it to broaden the casual concept, or is it to absorb the hot running blood of outraged youth, who aspire for a better future and look to quench its thirst for freedom and justice? I don’t know. Probably, it is just another form of Mauritanian weird politics.I have no issue with expending political circle, if the hectic is to serve the country; but up to now what we have gained from the registered forty four parties operating in the country?

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  1. May 23, 2011 8:44 am

    Government has to give a priority to the economy. They have to create job opportunities to graduates and put them in training workshop, so they contribute in building the country, instead of importing skilled labor from outside.

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