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Writing: do we write to express or impress?

May 27, 2011

Writing: do we write to express or impress?

Writers cover nearly the same stories. The difference is only in the style that molds the words torrent. They take hours, lean back and write about subjects as a reaction to what they see, hear or experience. However, most of the products out there are intended to influence to have an impact on the reader. Because we are addressing a community of all generation, it is save to be careful about what we write and not engage in stories that have negative emotional feeling on the audience.

In fact, writer is a ship leader and his role is meant to be constructive. He or she has to bring about something that build the society. They need to come up with ideas that can be turn into enterprise, ideas that can be turn into good life, good health, ideas that have the capacity to enlighten people toward every aspect of their lives. Their work should bear insights that have seeds to change life to the better.

Now a days especially in our country the focus is rooming around either politics or to play with people emotions and sensitivities.  Yes, everybody now on Facebook is out there to share what they have with friends and whatever possibly they  can reach of new experiences, dimensions and people. Life is worth a while when we learn and cover as much as possible of subjects as we can. To learn the curb. Basic philosophy is to learn and gather information and react to it. Life also is worth a while when we share that gift of information and that inspiration we have accumulated all along our way. And the best thing is to write those experiences and send them to others so they can learn and avoid our mistakes. And this how we can a build a society. If someone wrote a an article about his story and what he did in five years and we can read that story in a couple of minutes  and pass it down to someone else, wouldn’t that be an advantage?

However, when the objective of writing goes behind the burden which is to construct the society, it would become a communication for self-image and promossion to impress. To give an example that validifies what i am saying  it is enough to take a look at Mauritanians Facebook Platform, users are lost in an uncontrolled behavior. We drop everything that would attract commentators and that is the point. Going up to intellectuals participation every body seems to be in-stick on the same block, many intellectuals tend to express themselves through overloaded vocabulary, something that make us miss the point.

By using that complicated style we can say that they want to impress. They want to show us their muscles. Writing is not a competition, rather it is about communication experience that adds value to people interaction through a simple ABC blunt style. It is a deliberate attempt to broaden undrestanding, bettering people life through sharing experience and increasing their amount of refining intellect. So if we focus on impressing instead of identifying the audience would’ t that be the job of an actor?

Intellectuals have a big responsability and good communcation is part of that responsibility whether it is body language or whether it is writing must be refined before being dropped it out there to the community. In order to get a good conversation we need to have something good to say and then we say it well with clarity and sincerity so it will bear a fruits and have a beneficial results.

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