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Writing: do we write to express or impress?

May 27, 2011

Writing: do we write to express or impress?

Writers cover nearly the same stories. The difference is only in the style that molds the words torrent. They take hours, lean back and write about subjects as a reaction to what they see, hear or experience. However, most of the products out there are intended to influence to have an impact on the reader. Because we are addressing a community of all generation, it is save to be careful about what we write and not engage in stories that have negative emotional feeling on the audience.

In fact, writer is a ship leader and his role is meant to be constructive. He or she has to bring about something that build the society. They need to come up with ideas that can be turn into enterprise, ideas that can be turn into good life, good health, ideas that have the capacity to enlighten people toward every aspect of their lives. Their work should bear insights that have seeds to change life to the better.

Now a days especially in our country the focus is rooming around either politics or to play with people emotions and sensitivities.  Yes, everybody now on Facebook is out there to share what they have with friends and whatever possibly they  can reach of new experiences, dimensions and people. Life is worth a while when we learn and cover as much as possible of subjects as we can. To learn the curb. Basic philosophy is to learn and gather information and react to it. Life also is worth a while when we share that gift of information and that inspiration we have accumulated all along our way. And the best thing is to write those experiences and send them to others so they can learn and avoid our mistakes. And this how we can a build a society. If someone wrote a an article about his story and what he did in five years and we can read that story in a couple of minutes  and pass it down to someone else, wouldn’t that be an advantage?

However, when the objective of writing goes behind the burden which is to construct the society, it would become a communication for self-image and promossion to impress. To give an example that validifies what i am saying  it is enough to take a look at Mauritanians Facebook Platform, users are lost in an uncontrolled behavior. We drop everything that would attract commentators and that is the point. Going up to intellectuals participation every body seems to be in-stick on the same block, many intellectuals tend to express themselves through overloaded vocabulary, something that make us miss the point.

By using that complicated style we can say that they want to impress. They want to show us their muscles. Writing is not a competition, rather it is about communication experience that adds value to people interaction through a simple ABC blunt style. It is a deliberate attempt to broaden undrestanding, bettering people life through sharing experience and increasing their amount of refining intellect. So if we focus on impressing instead of identifying the audience would’ t that be the job of an actor?

Intellectuals have a big responsability and good communcation is part of that responsibility whether it is body language or whether it is writing must be refined before being dropped it out there to the community. In order to get a good conversation we need to have something good to say and then we say it well with clarity and sincerity so it will bear a fruits and have a beneficial results.


New political party. What for?

May 22, 2011

A new political party has seen life these days in Mauritania. They call it AL Asser, “age”. This party is a new opportunity for youth to get involved in home issues and start building the country through a set of principals that square with their expectations and ambitions. The party is starting to gain more and more popularity among Mauritanians. However, many are skeptical about the objectives for which the party has been created. What can it add of value to people life? Do we really need to be more dynamic in politics instead of sticking at social problems and solving them?

I don’t know the mystery of that. And neither do i know about the debate. But i want to say,

Create as much as political parties as you want. Shape it or reshape it. Mold politics every now and then. But, that is not key solutions to the endless problems the country bulks up. It is much deeper and much complicated than what you think or you miss. Why don’t you be little more creative and reevaluated your philosophy when it comes to reform strategies, refine it and see if it timely relieve people life.

Legitimate inquiry: Why do we establish more and more political entities? Is it to broaden the casual concept, or is it to absorb the hot running blood of outraged youth, who aspire for a better future and look to quench its thirst for freedom and justice? I don’t know. Probably, it is just another form of Mauritanian weird politics.I have no issue with expending political circle, if the hectic is to serve the country; but up to now what we have gained from the registered forty four parties operating in the country?

Mauritania Tea.

May 22, 2011

Mauritanian tea!

Oh, much ink spilled on the importance of tea and its place among Mauritanian society. It is such a substance that none of us can live without! Congregations are made around it in nearly every home in Mauritania. However, people there do not realize its true value as Mauritanian expats do. Probably, because they drink dozens of it on a daily basis and they can find it wherever they go.

Nevertheless, what about the expatriates who live far from that warmly national environment? I think we are deprived from it, not because of a ban but due to the circumstances one lives. For example, sometimes you are on duty sometimes you are in transportation and when you get home you retire. As tea making takes more than one hour so we can enjoy our time around it, sometimes we don’t find enough time and place to pour it out.

As for people diet system, they eat at workplace something that put us through to the same habit. Turning to kitchen to find something to refresh your mind with, you are exposed to a range of selected coffee and lepton-tea bands, but none of these sounds to smell like our tea even if you add on it milk or extra-sugar. In some occasions when we are lucky enough to pour tea in usually one single day weekend, it seems like a kind of celebration. There we talk, and come across different topics starting from Mauritania politics to vacation. Mauritanians are oral people and they down all kind of stories once they gather around drinking tea.

So worm up and live with Mauritanian Tea wherever you are.

Performance review and life planning

May 8, 2011

One of the difficulties we face in our industrialized age that thwart us from molding our life, shape it or reshape it, is luck of planning and refining.  Let me first explain what I mean. When you hit a desert for a long journey, instantly you figure out that you have to consider  some measures  that include defined road map,  water container, stick to protect yourself and probably store with you some food; otherwise your life would be in danger. Similarly, the same theory applies to each area of our life. We should be prepared to what life throws on us.

However, in the sense of the world of today, and as the things seem to rapidly change, growingly we became stick in the block of need for speed race and that necessitates a kind of organizing and planning if we want to maintain a good position. We no longer have the same means of transportation, communication and activities. People seem to be impervious on this matter. They don’t pay attention to the train of time and the necessity of planning. And that why they miserably remain the same for a long time or probably for the rest of their lives. They don’t review their performance to see where they are? Why they didn’t get what they want? Because luck of planning. Setting goals and building plans to reach them, using all available tools to make them happen is so important.

Assessment is a powerful word. It is good to review your activities and evaluate your current situation to see where you are and what should be done next to fix the things that have not worked for you and  ask yourself, why? There is no better than sitting down and thinking about self image and productivity. Most people spend month after month year after year without reviewing what they do to learn from their mistakes and resolve to get better and better in future endeavour. They  put a lot of time in front of TV wishing they could get a better life.  As we grow into that cycle one year blend into another in a seemingly an endless parade of tasks: pennies in the pocket and blank bank account and we are running behind our promises.  Hard truth, is that we cannot be happy unless we become productive.

This luck of productivity necessitates a look back on self and  demands an insight over how one’s  life can be mended.  Why don’t you  stop for a while to ask yourself, these questions, ‘Am I in the right direction?” What can I do to evaluate my skills, to measure  my success, to refine my relationship? How can I be an attractive person?

Most of us blame what they are for circumstances: things cost so much, the government, company, family, friends , economy or co-workers. They are not really happy because they can’t get what they want. They live their lives with wishes and give a little efforts to work and change! If we would like to have what we want we have to forget about everything and focus on US, the self. The problem is not in the economy or government or any other outside circumstances  the problem is in your philosophy, your low skills, your poor education, your attitude, your luck of planning and your  activity. So let’s work on YOU.

If you probe into your soul and assess your strength and abilities and why you are not reaching your goals you must recognize that you are just not qualified or your setting goal plan is messed up.  For example, if you have a well fixed goal and use all tools to make it happen, nothing can stop you from it. When you do this simple self assessment and knows that the reason behind your failure is because you are not qualified, and you luck some discipline then you can work to improve yourself.

 And the process is simple. You just take some steps and disciplines. Life couches defined this process as Personal Development. Learning some skills and starting to practice them in your life. It might be books to read, seminars to attend, or taking classes to improve your skills. Start setting précised goals and work on them. For example, your primary goal for this year might be to get a good health. You can do that by first stopping the things that make you and others sick. Like smoking and substance abuse. Then you can read a book on how to become healthy and maintain a good shape and you will see how your health will change.

If you are not happy with your salary and you want more money you plan to get some classes to improve your skills and sure enough your wage will increase.  The more you work on yourself the more your give value to your life. I learned from Jim Rohn a powerful statement. He said, “work on yourself more than you do on your job, if you work on your job, you can make a living, but if you work on yourself you can make a fortune’ which is superfine. I can’t give you better advice…

The insights in this note are seeds that have the capacity to lead you for a better future. Stop procrastinating and start organizing your life by priorities and don’t let hours after hours, days after days, and years after years destroy your life by not using them for your own service.

First meeting failed!!

May 5, 2011

Last night, i talked to my girl friend and showed her myself through the webcam, but what struck me was that she did not accept to let me see her.She was hiding or something. It was the first time we met live. We were exchanging photos, messages and email. And yesterday we wanted to break barriers and see each other, but she simply did not show up. i was just listening to her voice inflections.

What will change now that Osama is gone?

May 4, 2011

What will change now that Osama is gone?.

Expat journey in the bus

May 4, 2011

The day was cold and fresh air curved and twisted the vision eastward to the end of the world. The sky was exceedingly gloom and grey. This fogy environmental atmosphere made everything looked pall  and dim. It had not rained for weeks. The short garden grass a long side the roundabout way, gave the sight a touch of harmony with soul and mind at the first blink. It was a winter morning shabby day. I looked at my watch it was 7o’clock. I was waiting for the bus on my way for a new long day of work. I had to punch at 7:30. Excusing the overriding duties ahead that day, and the sensations feeling that reputedly told me that I was expat, deprived from the love of  my country, my parents and my family for a tiny life reward. I spat speculatively. The spittle crackled in the air due to the freezing.

Quick and alert to get into the bus, I took off my coat and exchanged with the driver the usual. I gave him two pounds and took from him seat ticket and held my first on it. We knew each other because we met every day in the bus except in off days. I liked that bus. It started to be part of my life. I felt happy while I was in. The driver was Pakistani expat. He seemed happy that day. Probably he spoke that night to his family in Pakistan or he got appreciation letter from his department for respecting traffic roles.We drove to the industrial area where most of key companies took place. This area was known for its traffic density, especially during rush hours.

Cars had to stop at the signal nearly every two miles. Despite that cold time, it was pleasing to see how everybody was neatly dressed, groomed, stretched and ready to accomplish the day with hot running blood and determination. It was a defining factor of inspiration and energy. For me, it was an incredible feeling that people shared the same challenges. Sometimes I spent around thirty minutes in the bus thinking about the things that would be on my schedule for that day. How many applications and files I was going to process into the system? What should I do when I got back home?

I got off the bus and made my way to the company that was located few meters from the station. But I had to cross the street. Taking the lift up to my department in floor number nine, I exchanged few gestural mute HI’s with some people that I superficially knew. Before I got to work, I had to fix some things, took a look at intra mail and I took few minutes to take a cup of thee, It never tasted like Mauritanian version and that was one of the reason why I hated it. I had to put some milk on it so I could bear its  smell. Looking around me through the window the sun seemed not hurriedly eager to fad the frost that covered the city. Better off we were going to have a wonderful day. And I could see that clearly in the staff faces.

Four continuous hours later without a break I got through half of the piled dispatch. Sometimes I got finished more than one hundred applications . but fortunately my share for that day was nineteen files. Thanks to Allah, I  was able to satisfy my boss otherwise there was no excuse for me to stay in the company. I took twenty minutes with colleagues in the ward. We always discussed local news, sport competitions and safari trips. Much of our discussion focused on how we wanted to go on a journey outside to feel some relief of the unstop work. We had done that many times and we enjoyed it. It was important to experience that moment when you joined a group of different people with different backgrounds in a journey in the sea or on the mountain and back to work.

Frailty exhausted due to the long eight hours I spent in the office. I flung the trail back home. The sky was clear even from clouds. The sun steeped south but I could barely see it due to the frost that was coating over the towers. Back to my flat to find some rituals to take care of to push shoulders behind the mission of an expat.

Moustapha Ould Samoury